Visualisation tools for the design of manufactured high-end instrumented facilities


Industry partner

Jumbo Vision International (JVI)


Research organisation

University of South Australia


Manufacturing investment

($1,050,000 IMCRC)
for 2017–2022

Realistic, affordable design interfaces for industry clients and consumers


To create realistic yet affordable design interfaces for industry clients and consumers.

Proposed Solution

To develop a set of novel Spatial Augmented Reality user interface tools to provide clients with the means to deliver design solutions for high-end instrumented facilities.

Clients will be able to walk around, physically touch and modify the design concept in real time. Concepts can be used in a showroom setting for retail outlets to help consumers design interiors.

The solution will also demonstrate alternative manufacturing opportunities to existing local businesses, and encourage the development of new strategies to offer specialised services to industry, providing opportunities for graduates to have a future in manufacturing in Australia.